You’d Better Believe It

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A woman cannot become a man, or vice versa.

Socialism cannot produce a prosperous society.

Governments cannot save the world.

Atheists cannot be taken seriously.

Democrats cannot understand the Constitution.

Pentecostals cannot speak in tongues, let alone prophecy.

Sinners cannot please God.

Islam cannot be a religion of peace.

Pope Francis cannot be the vicar of Christ.

Baseball cannot be more American.

Ballet cannot be performed in a manly manner.

The world cannot be destroyed by man-caused environmental disaster.

The glory of Normandy cannot fade.

The Lord of the Rings cannot be surpassed.

This sentence cannot exist apart from the existence of the Christian God.

You cannot sin without being creamed, stabbing your own ignoramus self in the liver and hurting those you love most dearly, no matter how slick you are.

Christians cannot cease to proclaim the excellencies of God in Christ.

And you cannot be saved but by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone, who died and rose on the third day.

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